Carney Institute for Brain Science
Center for Computational Brain Science


Promoting rigorous, collaborative research

Housed within the Carney Institute for Brain Science, the Center for Computational Brain Science (CCBS) fosters collaborations, catalyzed by cross-training, between Brown University faculty members and their research groups.

As research strives to understand how the brain computes and stores information, computational neuroscience is increasingly at the core of the inquiry. This growing field employs sophisticated mathematics, theoretical analysis and modeling to understand the function of neural circuits and how circuits generate behavior, whether beneficial or not.

Numerous research groups affiliated with CCBS conduct research that informs or depends on computational neuroscience. CCBS has three focus areas of research, including:

  • Computational models of language and other complex cognitive processes (Language Understanding and Representation (LUNAR) Lab)
  • Computational psychiatry/neurology, neurotechnology and neuromodulation
  • Computational vision
  • Neural computation, artificial intelligence and machine learning

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